389 - The value of data on solar project finance, a Roundtable with industry experts Heidi Larson, Hao Shen & Skip Dise


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Late last year, kWh Analytics released a report titled 2020 Solar Risk Assessment suggesting that Recent assessments of the solar industry’s pre-construction production estimates have found evidence of “an industry wide bias towards aggressive predictions,” noting that “when a typical solar project performs at the official “P90, equity cash yield drops by 50%.” This revelation has the potential to impact cash flows across the industry, as these over optimistic assumptions are netting a measured underperformance of about 2% on P50 revenue.

Today, we’ll offer you the opportunity to learn from three highly experienced solar experts on the past, present and future of solar project financing.

  • Heidi Larson, ICF International
  • Hao Shen, kWh Analytics
  • Skip Dise, Clean Power Research

Today we will touch on:

  • How to know what your solar project’s really worth
  • What does Bankability really mean?
  • What's the difference between common solar finance terms like p50 and p90
  • How does Turning dials on the financial model actually affect the overall project outcomes
  • and what data does or perhaps should be going into those models to ensure we are not overshooting our valuations?

Are there underperforming assets in your portfolio? If you’re a project owner, You’re likely bleeding equity and you don’t even know it. As one of the guests says, "All models are wrong - some models are useful".

I hope today you learn some of the critical elements to success and how we need to evolve as an industry. If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to the show, as that will ensure you won’t miss out on our twice-weekly content just like this. Of course you can always check out nearly 400 additional founder stories and startup advice at www.mysuncast.com.

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