390 - Have a customer-centered business; Darryl Parker, Clean Energy Associates' VP Sales & Mktg


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Today’s guest, Darryl Parker, brings more than three decades of extensive high-tech manufacturing and power electronics experience to his role at Clean Energy Associates. But he's got a truly inspiring story of growing up in the booming high tech industry, pulling up a seat at the table and opening the door for many who have followed in his footsteps! He currently leads the global sales and marketing teams focused on solving clients' solar and storage challenges with CEA’s comprehensive suite of technical advisory services. We go into our own history together, having met way back in 2009 on the job when he first arrived at SatCon! This guy's got stories. You're here for Stories. Let's get into it! Remember you can always find the resources and learn more about today’s guest, recommendations, book links, and hundreds of other founder stories and startup advice at www.mysuncast.com. Text Nico and start a conversation! +1 (310) 634-1780 You can connect with me, Nico Johnson, on Twitter, Link`edIn or email And you can find out more about today's sponsor, Enian, at www.enian.co

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