396: One simple device could SAVE your Residential deal, Whit Fulton, CEO of ConnectDER


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Whit Fulton knows a thing or two about solving problems. Today, I interview this introverted inventor & talk about his journey to deliver a brilliantly simple yet innovative energy solution to the world: a smart meter collar adapter. After seven years as the CEO of ConnectDER, his team is delivering a technology that dramatically simplifies the way residential solar and EV chargers are connected to the grid. But of course, I always want to know how he got there. What are the real challenges of being a hardware start-up company? How do you keep your team together while growing quickly? And what was life like BEFORE CEO status (where he worked at places like GridPoint & ICF). I hope you enjoy all the details of our intimate conversation, from growing up in Vermont, wandering around Thailand, diving into Excel data at ICF and an excellent explanation of the challenges of residential solar installations. Listen to our conversation right here, on Suncast.

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