Astrologer Jeff Harman Tell Us What Is Coming Next~ Buckle Up


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In a tumultuus world this is a "need to know" time. Too may high level secrets have left us out in the cold. What can we expect and what should we do? Jeff Harman, is a second-generation astrologer. With 45 years of experience, Jeff is a master of Classical, Vedic, and Kabbalistic Astrology. He also draws from many other traditions of spiritual knowledge for clearing people and property of unwanted energies, and he is a consultant for paranormal investigations. Jeff specializes in Electional Astrology--the art of selecting auspicious times to sign contracts, release product, travel, and schedule weddings, surgery, and other important events. Jeff has also worked in many aspects of the entertainment industry. Based in Los Angeles, California, Jeff is available worldwide by phone and internet conferencing. ​

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