The Spookiest of Stories with Healer Jerry Wills


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Jerry Wills is an extraordinary healer who has encountered unusual phenomena and beings from other dimensions and other worlds. "God Lives Here… Whatever God might be, I know God is always present in love. As I give my love and attention, I feel God move powerfully through me. My hands become burning hot (often quite obvious to whomever I happen to touch). As I breathe, a rush of light and energy flow through me. I feel the effects from the illness of the person I’m connected to. During this time I move through several “areas” of experience with my client. Finally, I feel a cool wave move across and through me. At this point I realize I can do no more. Removing myself, I relax and wait. The experience leaves me completely filled with energy and life. It is always amazing." Jerry Wills Join us to hear Jerry's latest adventures during Supernatural Girlz Spooky October!

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