Sustainable Dish Episode 170: Edzard Van Der Wyck, co-founder of Sheep Inc on the sustainability of wool and what makes a great sweater


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As I have mentioned before, what we wear plays as much of a part in sustainability as what we eat. Along with leather, wool is a natural fiber that can be used to create earth-friendly, fashionable pieces that are long-lasting.

On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Edzard Van Der Wyck, co-founder of Sheep, Inc. Since 2017, Sheep, Inc has been making “contemporary knitwear that has a positive impact on the world.” This mission is completed through solar powered manufacturing, carbon-negative raw materials, and well-cared for sheep.

Join our conversation to learn:

- How Edzard got started in the fashion industry and how Sheep Inc came to be

- The problems with fast fashion

- The process of finding sustainable materials

- Cashmere versus Merino wool

- The self-cleaning nature of Merino wool

- How Sheep Inc is able to have a carbon negative impact through optimizing their supply chain

- All about the adopt-a-sheep program

- How comparing wool to slavery or the holocaust is inaccurate and unjust

- Why sheep need to be shorn once a year

- How the wool is treated affects the feel

- The unique marketing approach of Sheep Inc and gender neutral quality of the products

- How you eventually pay the price for things in one way or another

- All of Sheep Inc’s Impact Program where 5% of revenue goes to regenerative projects

- How Covid has encouraged people to make more meaningful purchases


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- The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID)

- ZQRX program

Connect with Edzard:

Website: Sheep Inc.

Instagram: @sheepinc

LinkedIn: Edzard van der Wyck

Twitter: @evdwyck


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