SB010 (Part 2) An Intellectual Conversation About Hip-Hop with guest Austin Ashe


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Austin Ashe is back to kick off season 2. He is the Associate Director, MIT Sloan Undergraduate Education & PhD candidate at UMass Boston. His research examines using Hip-Hop to inform pedagogy in ways that will make for more engaging, relevant, sustaining, and validating classrooms for students of color and others underrepresented (or unseen) by dominant culture practices and pedagogies. We discuss:

Hip Hop Pedagogy: What is it and How does it look in the classroom?

Let’s talk about the 2 Chainz album “Rap or Go to the League” 14:00

Meek Mill new album(8 out of 10) 30:00

Solange’ sophomore album (6.5 out of 10) 50:00

Is Black Thought the best ever? 53:00

Soulja Boy reflection 57:00

What’s Next? 59:00

Dissertation progress 1:00:00

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