Swag Bender 018 "“Transforming and Liberating Youth with Education” with guest Mwalimu Donkor Issa


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Mwalimu Donkor Issa was born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and has lived in Roxbury since 1989. He is the Coordinator for Targeted Programs for the Office of Opportunity Gaps and works with the 10 Boys 10 Girls initiative. He received his Bachelor's in English and Africana Studies from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester; he holds a Master's from Boston College in English Curriculum and Instruction along with a Master's degree in Special Education as well.

Donkor believes education is a transformative process that should liberate young people. He says, “education should be a reciprocal process where the educator and the scholar both transform throughout the process. The movie Waiting for Superman was not supposed to leave us feeling sad, rather it was a calling. Everyday I hope that I can continue to be the bridge between where students are and where they want to be.”

Donkor has been in Boston Public Schools for 9 years. His first assignment was as a Cluster Substitute at the Timilty Middle School, where he once was a student. He currently teaches 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts, and Robotics.

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