Deindustrialization in Canada and Beyond, feat. Steven C. High


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How has deindustrialization impacted the working class in Canada and around the world? In what ways is deindustrialization, a side effect of global capital constantly seeking cheaper labour, shaping the politics of our time? Will the next federal election spell doom for the NDP, out maneuvered by the Conservatives for working class voters?

This week I talk to Steven C. High, professor of history at Concordia University, who has published extensively on deindustrialization and the post-industrial transformation of North American cities.

His books include Industrial Sunset: The Making of North America’s Rust Belt (U of T Press, 2003), The Deindustrialized World: Confronting Ruination in Post-Industrial Places (UBC Press, 2017), and One Job Town: Work, Belonging and Betrayal in Northern Ontario (U o T Press, 2019). We also discuss a piece he recently published in Canadian Dimension, “Right-wing populism and the realignment of working-class politics in Canada,” as well as a new international research project he is leading titled Deindustrialization and the Politics of our Time.

Steven High’s piece in Canadian Dimension:

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