Hasty Treat - Handy Utility Functions with Just


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In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about handy utility functions with Just!

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Show Notes

03:44 - What is Just?

06:46 - Some nice ones

  • just-safe-set → deeply setting dynamic object properties
    • set(data, 'a.long[0].path', value)
  • object-typeof
    • Why not use typeof?
      • Everything is an object
    • Why not use array.isArray?
      • Handy to have a switch statement
  • just-*-case
    • Camel, kebab, snake
  • just-compare

10:54 - Why?

  • This is the NPM install of Stack Overflow copy+paste
  • Handy as hell
  • Battle-tested
    • Lots of ways to do simple stuff
    • Sometimes the simple stuff has weird edge cases - these are caught
  • Sometimes your checks can be messy
    • Check if an object is empty
    • 25 lines
    • Just install it

12:05 - Other

  • Great to learn and test yourself
  • There are tests for each function
    • Run them
    • See them fail
    • Try and make it so all the tests pass without looking at the source
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