Hasty Treat - How to Setup a PNPM Monorepo


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In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about PNPM and monorepos!

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Show Notes

4:40 - What is pnpm?

08:30 - Why monorepo?

  • Internal packages all in one place
  • Forks and custom packages easier
  • Commands that control everything at once

10:33 - Workspaces

  • Not exclusive to pnpm
  • Yarn, npm, pnpm all have them now
    • Different syntax
packages: - "packages/**"

12:48 - How it works in practice

  • All commands run through root
  • Use in host, hook up my monorepo to render run commands
  • Filter and recursive
  • "install:all": "pnpm recursive install",
  • "clean": "pnpm recursive exec -- rm -rf node_modules; rm shrinkwrap.yaml; rm -rf node_modules",
  • "ui:dev": "pnpm recursive run dev --filter @leveluptuts/ui",

16:35 - Using submodules

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