How to Onboard and Train Staff to Increase Staff Retention and Satisfaction


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Adi Klevit is the Founder and CEO of Business Success Consulting Group, an organization that provides businesses with the infrastructure, processes, and systems they need to thrive. Adi and her team help companies scale up, transfer knowledge, and prepare for succession. Adi has over 25 years of experience as a trained industrial engineer, management consultant, and business executive.

In this episode:

How effective is your company’s onboarding system? A new staff member’s onboarding experience can make or break their impression of your company. So, how do you build a process that successfully welcomes someone new, relays your core values, and sets accurate expectations? It’s all in the details, and Adi Klevit knows them inside and out.

Adi is an expert at creating the infrastructure, processes, and systems that businesses need to thrive. As she says, the key to successful onboarding is building a predictable and well-documented process. Now, she’s here to describe the ins and outs of a successful onboarding process — and share her tips for making every new staff member feel confident and comfortable.

On this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz about all things onboarding. Together, they discuss the importance of building an extensive onboarding process, how onboarding impacts employee satisfaction, and Adi’s strategies for welcoming each new hire. Stay tuned!

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