Improving Your Training, Onboarding, and Systems Through Video with Jeany Park


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Jeany Park is the CEO of Tree Swing Video, a boutique videography agency that specializes in brand videos, testimonials, recruiting videos, and training videos for small and mid-sized businesses. With a combined 25 years of experience as an actress, certified life coach, and professional videographer, Jeany leverages her camera performance skills to help clients increase their impact and improve their bottom line. In addition to this, Jeany is a Board Member for Janus Youth, a nonprofit that provides second chances for at-risk people in the Pacific Northwest.

In this episode:

Do you wish there was a fun and creative way to document your company’s systems and training? What if this strategy could also help you save time, cut costs, and improve your onboarding process without lifting a finger? Enter: Jeany Park, a director and producer who wants to help you create amazing videos for your company.

After working as a professional actress and certified life coach, Jeany decided to switch gears and start an agency that would put her camera performance skills to use helping other businesses thrive. Since founding Tree Swing Video, she has helped numerous businesses improve their systems and processes through professional training, onboarding, and branding videos. Now, she’s here to share her expertise and offer valuable videography tips that will inspire you to jump in front of the camera today.

On this exciting episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit chats with Jeany Park, the CEO of Tree Swing Video, about how to improve your systems and processes through video. Together, they discuss how creating professional videos can help you boost employee performance, increase your retention rate, and improve your bottom line. Jeany also shares her new training course that will encourage you to get in front of the camera today. Stay tuned!

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