Sparking Change in Your Industry with Keith Callaway Sr.


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Keith Callaway Sr. is the President and Founder of K&L Industries, a premier paving company based in the Portland Metro Area. Over the past 30 years, Keith has scaled his small mom-and-pop business to a company with 30 employees. His dedicated team of professional pavers deliver high-quality solutions ranging from driveway paving to parking lot maintenance.

In this episode:

Do you want your business to grow and thrive in a short amount of time? What if making a few changes could take your company from good, to great, to uncompromisingly the best? Through effective systems and a strategic marketing approach, you can.

Keith Callaway Sr. has been in the asphalt business for 35 years, but two and a half years ago he decided to take his company to the next level. Asphalt paving has always had a dark cloud over it, but Keith wanted to change that stigma. By leveraging social media and engaging videos, he is turning the tide on how people view his business and his industry as a whole. Now, he’s here to share his strategies for implementing change both in and out of your organization.

On this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Keith Callaway Sr., the President and Founder of K&L Industries, joins Adi Klevit to discuss his tips for growing your business and sparking change in your industry. Keith explains how he is paving the way in the asphalt space through the use of social media, engaging videos, and effective internal systems. Stay tuned!

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