The Keys to Scaling Your Business with Dr. Seth Hill


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Dr. Seth Hill is an experienced chiropractor and the President of Oregon City Chiropractic and Auto Injury. After beginning his career as a medic for the Oregon Army National Guard, Dr. Hill received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and founded his chiropractic clinic in Oregon City. He now owns three clinics in the Portland area and is passionate about providing the latest evidence-based and personalized care to his patients.

In this episode:

Do you want to improve the performance of your employees? Are you looking for an effective, hands-off way to scale your business — even during difficult times like the global pandemic?

For Dr. Seth Hill, the secret to business success is utilizing key performance indicators. By creating well-documented processes around his KPIs and sharing them with his team, Dr. Hill managed to successfully open two new chiropractic clinics during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, he’s here to share his tips for incorporating KPIs into your workplace culture to easily scale up your business.

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Dr. Seth Hill, the Founder of Oregon City Chiropractic and Auto Injury, joins Adi Klevit to discuss the value of implementing well-documented systems and procedures into your business. Dr. Hill talks about his personal introduction to chiropractic medicine, how he effectively scaled his business, and the importance of KPIs for workplace success. Stay tuned.

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