Utilizing Systems for Business Success with Kristina Damschen Spina


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Kristina Damschen Spina is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Indow, a cleantech company that is disrupting the window replacement industry. With window inserts that simply press into existing window frames, Indow helps clients reduce noise and improve energy efficiency. In her current role, Kristina is responsible for driving resource allocation and project planning to successfully launch new products. She has over 17 years of experience in media and event production and has worked with prestigious companies such as the English National Opera and Bonhams Art Auctioneers.

In this episode:

Why are systems so essential for your business to succeed? What are the best automation tools to document your processes? And, how can you systemize your organization to thrive during major transitions?

Kristina Damschen Spina knows the ins and outs of creating effective systems for business success. As the Vice President of Product Marketing at Indow, she is the key behind the company’s documentation processes and growth strategies. Today, Kristina is here to share the systems she uses to improve Indow’s internal growth, workplace culture, and major transitions.

On this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit talks with Vice President of Product Marketing at Indow, Kristina Damschen Spina. Kristina discusses what makes Indow stand out from the competition, how documenting systems has improved the company’s internal growth, and her tips for succeeding during difficult times. You don’t want to miss this exciting episode!

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