Utilizing Systems to Mitigate Risks and Prevent Losses with Joshua Keene


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Joshua Keene is an accredited Insurance Advisor at Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker, an independent insurance agency based in Portland, Oregon. Joshua helps local businesses protect their people, profits, and public relations through creative risk management and commercial insurance solutions for the manufacturing, technology, and construction industries. He is also a regional expert on cybersecurity threats and how to insure against them.

In this episode:

Has your business ever suffered losses due to avoidable circumstances? What if there were simple systems that you could implement to protect your company from future risks? If you’re ready to take that step, Joshua Keene has some advice for you.

Businesses can suffer losses from various different sources, including cyberattacks, car accidents, property damages, legal lawsuits, or even theft. These pose a huge risk to businesses, and failure to protect against them could lead to even bigger financial losses. According to Joshua, investing in the right systems is the key to identifying these risks and preventing costly losses.

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Joshua Keene, an Insurance Advisor at Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker, to explain how to mitigate risks and prevent losses at your business using effective systems. They discuss how the right systems can help you avoid cyber attacks, why you should always document your hiring process, and Joshua’s tips for encouraging employees to implement and follow company policies. Stay tuned.

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