Dave Young: Director of Training, Vistelar


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Dave Young is a Co-Founder of Vistelar and their Director of Training who has over 30 plus years training and experience in civilian and military law enforcement. Having served as a sworn corrections and law enforcement officer in the state of Florida and he is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Dave conducts his training around the world in places like UAE, Qatar, United Kingdom, Japan, South Asia, Middle Eastern and African Regions. He is a Master Level Instructor-Trainer, course developer who has expanded his expertise in keeping others safe in industries like education, healthcare, churches, casinos, parking enforcement, and other organizations. Dave is a published author of “How to Defend Your Family and Home,” which lead him to develop a lifesaving program for Surviving Active Shooter Attacks.

Dave has been featured in national publications and magazines for his innovation and dedication to training in People Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Black Belt Magazine, and has been a spokesperson and consultant with CNN and Fox World News on survival, equipment, and tactics. Dave is considered one of our nation’s leading authorities on personal safety and defense.

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