Coronavirus Crisis Update: Helen Branswell “Are Vaccines Having a Moment?”


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Helen last joined us on April 2, 2020, a dark moment. She returned to explore with us whether the joy, relief, and gratitude that millions are experiencing through Covid vaccines generate gains in other disease areas, where adult vaccination “is a hard field.” “These vaccines have been extraordinary” with “very few side effects.” Among Republicans, especially in rural areas, “a good chunk of people are not intending to be vaccinated.” It was a lost opportunity when President Trump did not go on camera when he was vaccinated. The search is now fully on for trusted influencers to reach Republicans. What lies ahead is a “bumpy period,” and progress is going to take time, but the rapid development of vaccines and today’s surge in production provide hope.

Helen Branswell is a Senior Writer, Infectious Diseases, at STAT. She is the winner of a George Polk Award in Journalism in 2020 for her remarkable coverage of SARS-CoV-2.

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