Building a Team


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In this episode we talk to Tamsin Fitzgerald and Gary Clarke about the ‘business of dance’ and the way they have built a team of support around them. And of course a business is all about the people…..

Gary and Tamsin discuss how it feels to call what they do a business, and what their underlying core values of that business are. We delve into the moment when one became two (or more) and who those first members of their team were. We touch on how they built their wider network of support – with funders and venues. We explored how they nourish both themselves and their teams. And how could we talk about the business of dance without discussing that most famous of questions: To NPO or Not to NPO? Gary lets us in on some of the ways he views his work and art with the branding of it very much at the forefront. Tamsin talked about the way her company supports artists to grow whilst contributing to the economy of her hometown in Hereford. They both talk about the importance of being based in their localities and their company relationships with local communities. Together they discuss the vital role dancers play within their support network as well as the ways in which they care for themselves as they lead from the front - especially when faced with the challenges of lockdown and furloughing. Recording date: Wednesday 16 December 2020 Talking Moves is a Greenwich Dance production Presented by Melanie Precious Production by Carmel Smith, Lucy White and Melanie Precious

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