Dancing Differently


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In this episode we talk to Katie Green and Ivan Blackstock about the ways in which they have been breaking from the conventional and working in exciting new ways… creating new partnerships, new audiences and new platforms for their work. Has their need to challenge the status quo been conscious and deliberate or simply accidental?

Ivan talks about his love and admiration for the music, fashion and technology industries and how these have opened his eyes to a new way of being and working, and Katie talks of the rich source of choreographic stimuli working with museums and heritage has given her. They both reflect on the things that have made them who they are and the challenges they have encountered along the way – not fitting the aesthetic, doors shutting, imposter syndrome and language barriers… but also enthuse about the opportunities they have seized within new worlds which have given them both the ability to keep creating.

Together they discuss the skills needed to create relationships, the care and consideration they give their colleagues and friends, audiences and themselves and the desperate need to adapt to survive. Now more than ever.

Recording date: 25 September 2020

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