Measuring Our Impact


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In this episode we talk to Zoie Golding and Anthony Missen about the ways in which artists make a difference and the metrics we measure this by.

Inspired by the book, The Art of Relevance, by museum director Nina Simon, Melanie asks her guests why their work matters and to whom. They discuss ‘insiders’ – their loyal curators, artists, audience and participants who ‘get them’. And the 'outsiders' – people who may not know their work is out there and whom they strive to reach. Zoie also reflects on the outsiders who are inside – the ones who are close to us who also struggle to ‘get’ what we do…

We talk about permission and ethics and the trap so many of us fall into of ‘crashing’ into communities uninvited. Anthony and Zoie both reflect upon the numerous times they have needed to throw their lesson plans away and read the room and the permission they had to give themselves to do this. Anthony suggests that by evaluation we simply mean conversation and we discuss how easy this is to enable post-performance.

Finally, we ponder whether metrics of success, so often number driven, have changed at all in response to the crisis we are all living through now.

Recording date: Friday 29 January 2021

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