Episode 34 - Darth Putin


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You know, Ken has been coming over to my place every Thursday for a few years now, we talk a lot then we watch a show. Man in the High Castle, the Expanse, Manhattan, and now, Altered Carbon. The thing is before every show we talk about politics and technology and history. Sound familiar?
So, we recorded tonight.
It was inspired by Putin's lovely speech today where he decided to show a cool video of Florida being nuked.
This got us into the Korean War, Trump, anarchists, false flag operations and of course that led into the mirror universe and our impressions of ST:Disco (A Disco. Control. Panel.)
We ended talking a bit about a strange thing that happened on wikipedia a few years back. This reminded Ken of a thing archivists do. Who knew? Now you do.
We hope you like episode 34

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