Episode 38 - Five O'Clock Nigel


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As I do with Broken Area, I'm writing these show notes before we actually do a show. Who knows if we are tonight. That said, I do know that Baron von Hernden is coming over tonight to watch the Expanse. I honestly have no idea why I just called him Baron von Hernden. He's really more of a Lord. The Lord of the Library.
So, money, cash specifically. Are we heading towards a cashless society? This article from CNet makes the case. Canada is the most cashless country out there according to this report. We beat our Sweden, the USA and Russia on that list. So it is sort of like hockey. Well I mean we beat out everyone, but Sweden was second, so I guess that's where this hockey angle is coming from.
Star Trek, B5, The Expanse, what's the deal on their money? We don't get how it works in Star Trek. Nobody does.

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