Episode 41- Parking Tickets For Their Shuttlepods


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I just announced on twitter that I'm currently writing this post, so I guess I ought to get to it.
So, how about that Trump/Kim summit? Yeah, no, that's not happening. I don't know about you, but it strikes me that this was Kim's plan all along. Try for ridiculous concessions (US troops out of South Korea) then when that doesn't happen, embarrass Trump! Who knew a reality TV star could get pwned by a guy who, while evil, has been training for this role his whole life?
This lead us into some fine discussions about summits in general. Klingons and the Federation for example. Oh you've got your 'peace in our time' summit too, that one worked out well. Of course, B5 came up.
Also, North Korea, it's got a vaguely 1984 feeling. By vaguely, I mean EXACTLY LIKE 1984.
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