139: The Bad Batch Tie-Ins with Star Wars Books


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By Tarkin's Top Shelf, Becca Benjamin, and Mark Sutter. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.

In this episode of Tarkin's Top Shelf, Mark and Becca take another look at tie-ins between on-screen and literature mediums. Your hosts revisit Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron's, Victory's Price, and how it connects to The Bad Batch in "Cut and Run." As they continue their "Tie-In" discussion, they find other similarities between Thrawn's Greater Good and certain characters and their characteristics within the animated series of The Bad Batch. So, strap in for some Top Shelf tie-ins and get ready to be charmed, to the last.

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