With the “Text To Speech” feature improved, fire and medical responding time has been reduced


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According to Messenger-Inquirer, the responding time of service emergency 911 has been reduced, said the 911 director. Unlike before, the dispatcher now can continue collecting the emergency information from the phone call, while the crew keeps moving toward their jobs. Text To Speech is an AI technology that allows the machine can talk in natural human languages. Together with other technologies such as Chatbot and NLP (Natural Language Processing), they can change the future just like Hollywood movies. With these technologies and automation, job processing will reduce the pressure on humans. It also decreases the time of processing jobs, and increases the quality of works. How it works? Normally, we need many people to take care of the call-center 24 hours per day. The general inquiries from the calls are the information of the callers such as name, address, … and the problems they want to report. The Text-To-Speech technology allows a computer voice to dispatch the call while the crew team dispatcher is still talking to the caller at the same time. After the call, the collected pieces of information will be processed at once and get categorized immediately. Without AI processing, we can not reach this level of these speedy jobs, ever!

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