Space Trash


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Welcome to a brand new episode and season of Tell Me What You Know. We know you have missed us. In this episode of Tell Me What You Know, we are discussing Space Trash. AKA Space Junk. AKA Space Debris. This is all the crap left orbiting the earth at 17,000 miles per hour after being launched into space on the many thousands of missions over the year. Large things like satellites, dead boosters, and the International Space Station down to tiny objects and flecks of paint. This might not seem like something we need to worry about with the great vastness of space but we’ll learn about a possible future called the Kessler Syndrome where the earth becomes engulfed in these tiny bullets that makes space travel too dangerous. We’ll look at ways we are trying to mitigate problematic future and ideas for cleaning up space. We’re excited to be back on Tell Me What You Know.

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