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Terminus is proud to present an interview 17 years in the making. The Death Metal Guy sits down for an extended session with Lori Bravo of the immortal and still criminally underappreciated Nuclear Death, an early Arizona death metal band who demolished all comers in the extremity arms race before transforming into exquisite experimental music. Unlike nearly anything before or since, Nuclear Death represents one of the pinnacles of extreme music for its era: raw, brutal, eccentric, and imaginative, providing an inspiration for TDMG since he was but a young squire in extreme metal.

Tremendous ground is covered with Lori, starting with her current solo work before turning back the clock with an extended history of the band. Lori is open, honest, funny, and in possession of an esoteric knowledge of what it means to not merely make art, but to live it in the fullest sense. It's a weird, wandering conversation which touches on nearly everything imaginable before concluding with something very special.

In conspiracy with Lori Bravo herself, Terminus is proud to announce the release of the entire Nuclear Death catalog in digital form for the first time in history. With much of this material difficult to track down over the years, the band's incredible discography can now be obtained at Nuclear Death's posthumous Bandcamp page, with all records and demos now available for the modern audience. Check out the material and enjoy one of Terminus' wildest trips yet.

0:00 - Intro, Lori Bravo’s solo work

0:42:20 - Lori Bravo - “This Devil I’ll Allow (Southern Ruby Devil)” fr. Bare Bones (Independent, 2021)

0:51:30 - A history of Nuclear Death and beyond

2:57:56 - Outro - Nuclear Death - “Days of the Weak,” fr. ...For Our Dead… (Wild Rags Records, 1992)

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