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Rod Renegade: The Cruise to Die For


Written by Richard Frohlich and DB Humphries Produced by Shannan Frohlich and the TRTC Recorded in studio June 2010 Featuring the voice talents of: AJ Glendenning, Rebecca Jordan Joe Porter Susan McMath Platt Reg Platt Ken Raney Dona Safran and Kelly Scott Additional Voices (recorded during a previous production) Lee Dunkleberg, Mary Macery and Jarod Mitchell Rod Renegade is a special agent for the department of Homeland Security. Severely wounded in Afghanistan, he was fitted with a special computerized brain implant called "SIS" which restores his body to slightly better than normal. SIS is also a complete artificial intelligence, communications and data bank that he can talk to mentally, but several 'bugs' haven't been worked out. After his first few missions, Rod is given a "cat walk" assignment to monitor the first nuclear powered cruise submarine - as usual, Rod never gets the convensional definition of "cake walk"

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