Season 2, Episode 4: Talking Gunsense with Julie Collins


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Julie Collins is back in the studio with me for Episode 4.
Today we are talking gunsense. Julie has been campaigning for sensible gun laws for nearly 2 decades. In today’s conversation she and I get candid about the work of gun violence prevention groups and the constant backlash from the gun industry.
We all believed that after The Columbine High School massacre in 1999, America would work to create laws that would at least protect children. But instead, in many states gun laws have become more lax. Granting accessibility to gun purchases by anyone at any time. Is a dangerous and damaging practice.
We really could change that, however, if we wanted to.
Shoutout to Meredith Lawson Roll, 1st black woman elected to Reynoldsburg Oh. Previously known as a sundown town. And

Shoutout to Doris Beatty Dawson, president of Harrisburg City Council President. Delta Omega Kappa - OSU
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