Season 2, Episode 5: Lisa Lipscomb Builds Community On Purpose in Her Classrooms and Beyond


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In Episode 5, I got to welcome Lisa Lipscomb to the the studio.
Lisa earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, National Board Certification in Literacy: Reading & Language Arts, a Master in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College, and a Master of Learning Technologies and Instructional Design from Utah State University. She is a Detroit native where she attended St. Mary's and is a graduate of Redford High School. She is a veteran educator. Working in public schools for nearly 3 decades. Lisa has personally witnessed a shift in education.
As an educator, Lisa has been intentionally building community in her classrooms for decades. In this interview she offers her unique formula for building community in the classroom and beyond. Her secret is she believes every person in community has something to contribute. Every student in Lisa's classroom is made to feel that they have a voice and a say in how their community will work. And that works! Even in the virtual school setting!
Learn more about Lisa's initiative by following her on social media:
And check out her website: Something New!

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