Season 2, Episode 6: Something New with Lisa Lipscomb


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I welcome Lisa Lipscomb back to the the studio for Episode 6.
This time we dive into Lisa's passion - Something New. What began as a challenge from her father who told her "for the rest of your life you will be learning something new" morphed into a practice that grew into a business. Lisa Lipscomb not only intentionally seeks out novel experiences, she teaches others how to incorporate 'something new' as a practice to reinvigorate their life.
She teaches others how to get out of the rut of routine. Her goal is to help other build a bridge from the life they have to a life they will love. So far, Lisa's Something New Series have offered corporate training, and daily inspiration for her social media followers. She's even written a book on how to incorporate novelty into your day on purpose. Her bestselling book Do Something New: 7 Steps to Recharting Your Path & Creating a Life You Love is currently available on Amazon as a eBook and paperback.

Lisa earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, National Board Certification in Literacy: Reading & Language Arts, a Master in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College, and a Master of Learning Technologies and Instructional Design from Utah State University. She is a Detroit native where she attended St. Mary's and is a graduate of Redford High School. She is a veteran educator. Working in public schools for nearly 3 decades.
Learn more about Lisa's initiative by following her on social media:
And check out her website: Something New!

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