Episode 150 - Justin Maturo (Erector Brewing)


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This week’s featured artist is Justin Maturo of Erector Brewing. We came to connect with Justin years ago as part of the great #CTBeer Beer Share crew. He and his brother are avid beer fans and collectors who have been great resources to me personally for years. From this shared cellar diving friendship I came to learn of his story and launching of his own brewery, Erector Brewing. And prior to that he started his own print shop, Lefthand Print Shop. We used this episode to connect on his new adventure which has him splitting time between CT and Vermont while he works with Snow Republic Brewery. Justin shares his story and passion for art, creating clothes and his current love of patterns in his designs. Episodes like this are great and also tough because they are natural discussion that would have definitely happened in person, but I am glad that it has allowed us to pause and take things into perspective like family and friendship. We dedicate this episode to those who we have lost and have impacted our lives infinitely and specifically to his late father. This idea of those who we have loved and been in our lives impact who we are as people is the theme for the collaboration beer we want to do together ‘Souls of the Trees’. I can’t wait to work together and bring it to life. Enjoy each day and use this time to look at the positives in life and that includes all of you, all of us. Be safe.

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