Episode 153 - Tina McCurdy (The Hull Brewing Company)


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This week’s featured artist is Tina McCurdy. We came to learn of her work through her involvement with some of the great up and coming breweries here in CT like The Hull Brewing Co and Phantom Brewing Company as well as the work that she has done over the years at Eli Cannon’s. A unique career journey from med school to big Pharma to becoming her own boss is inspiring. Great stories and appreciation for nature, art and beer make this another positive #CTBeer story to share with you. We learn about her history, story and the power of repurposed wood to make unique canvases for her pieces. Also how she landed her first project with Eli’s and the many hours spent creating works there. Through her love of cows, beer and being creative we get a glimpse into her process and purpose. An analogue artist who has made her mark quite literally over all the place, Tina opens up and is such a positive person with a great appreciation for life and being able to do what she loves, which is art.

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