Episode 155 - Kristen Ganci & Sonny Gamboa (Hog River Brewing)


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This week’s featured artists are Kristen Ganci & Sonny Gamboa who are the dynamic duo that make up Mount Hook. We came to learn of them for their unique labels for our friends Hog River Brewing. Hog River supports creativity and local artists as we have featured before with the amazingly talented Trasloff. Learn how this pair challenges each other while complimenting and evolving together. It’s a great fit and story of how these two worked together in a previous life and built a respect and trust for each other that made going into business and creating their own studio, Mount Hook. Find out about the name, their process and how they teamed up with Hog River to bring their cans and walls to life. It is rare to have an opportunity to not only celebrate your own passion and hard work but to find someone who has that same respect and appreciation for your work and that is what we have here with both of these talented artists. Each has their own area of passion but that continues to evolve do to the teamwork and collaboration of the two. It was great to hear and experience and I am sure it will make sure another awesome episode for #CTBeer.

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