Episode 157 - Paul Endres Jr. (Beer on Earth)


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This week’s featured guest is Paul Endres Jr. , not to be confused with Sr. We came to learn of Paul and his work with Beer on Earth during a random and awesome encounter at the brewery while in town with friends for Phish back in November. Remember live music?! We sat down at the bar for some pre-show drinks and I noticed the unique labels and asked the bartender who did their labels, which is a question that I commonly ask when the art or designs interest me. She pointed up to the wall and said he does. It was @Paulendresjr working on a mural live and in person. We would exchange pleasantries and later connected to get him on the podcast. A great story of his work. his journey and the upcoming virtual art show @childsgallery (opening is on 7/16) that he is doing. Paul tells stories with his characters and captures their essence and story in his paintings. It is an interview that I think is human, relatable and shows his love and appreciation of his art and ability to tell stories doing something that he loves. There are wonderful and unique people all around us. I like to think that each week we introduce you to someone you may have never known about or whose work was something you appreciated from a distance. Taking time to talk about themselves and their path is one of the joys of the project and is what keeps us pushing forward to bring more content and introduce you to more of our friends.

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