Episode 160 - Corey Danks (Stolen Sun Craft Brewing)


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This week’s featured guest is Corey Danks. We came to learn of his work through our good friend Phil of Paired Pints. He met Corey doing a recent collaboration with Stolen Sun Brewing. This episode is near and dear to my heart because of Corey’s love of my hometown because of its diversity and multicultural when he decided to come here years ago. His journey is one of self discovery and finding his calling, vision and style that he still continues to evolve today. Part of the journey and timeline is his connecting with the team at Stolen Sun to do their labels and help to support their brand and vision. Also anytime a label utilizes the Grateful Dead and that vibe I’m all for it too, which has me excited for an in-person visit in the future. On top of that, Corey plays an active role in using his and the artwork of other artists to support social causes and business that are impacted by the current climate, Covid and injustice. One way that this is possible is through Mostly Unknown PHL and their fundraisers which most recently raised over $7500 dollars for the Black Lives Matter movement and their quarterly shows at Tattooed Moms in Philly. He’s active in the Philly art scene and regularly helps to facilitate drink and draws at Indy Hall too. To understand the path, pain and struggle of people in all walks of life, careers and phases of life is something that we all can learn from Corey and should celebrate. Knowing his own professional pains and struggles Corey has used his network and connections to make it easier for individuals like himself to have opportunities to have a show, promote and network with other like minded individuals to grow. And then to use that network to help support underrepresented groups like BLM to raise funds and in turn make the world a better place.

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