Episode 162 - Sean Bodley (Timber Ales)


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This week’s guest is Sean Bodley, who is a climate artist and label extraordinaire for Timber Ales. It is extremely fitting that we have this episode coming out with the alignment of the release of the Lumberjack Style this week at Twelve Percent. Sean’s story is a great one, from his grandmother and her inspiring art to him traveling the country and finding his calling by using his gift to tell stories and evoke emotions. Using his powers for good some might say. The work that he does for Timber has been unexpected and integral in the branding and growth of one of the hottest breweries on the East Coast. The use of color and nature to tell stories creates a feeling and energy that has you waiting for his pieces to move and come to life off the can. From unique paint to outdoor painting techniques learn about his journey, his process, and the tools he is using to share these. A good human who is doing what he loves and taught me a few things too. Learning about climate artistry was interesting and so important that once you learn about it you’ll have another level of appreciation for Sean and his work. One with nature.

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