Episode 164 - Michael Semenec (DSSOLVR)


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This week’s featured guest is Michael Semenec from DSSOLVR. Episodes like this are unique because of his role at the brewery as Co-Owner. With each episode we see a unique perspective, role and position in the shaping of a brand and this one is truly unique. I feel that this episode comes at a great time as it is inspiring and introspective on life and our journeys, which aren’t always perfect but they shape who we are and make us appreciate what we have and what we have done. Learn about his career and experiences that led him to make the leap in forming DSSOLVR as well as the unique name and branding that along with their impressive list of collaborations around the country has continued to grow the buzz and interest in this newly launched NC brewery. To me their social media game and posts are some of the most unique and creative period and that’s sans beer. It is part of the lore and energy of their brand and to cut through in this space is impressive to say the least. A great example of the power of imagery and branding to build interest and excitement. The creativity and utilization of social media platforms like IG to tell their story is one that he has mastered and made his own, but not without trial and error and mastery for years. Video is an art form in and of itself and it has become a great part of the announcements and energy too. You’ll be happy to hear more about it and dare I say even learn something. I hope one take away is to say F it and go for it, where it is something you want to do or learn and have been hesitant for a variety of reasons. It happens to all of us and that’s OK too.

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