Episode 165 - Andrew Geppelt (Call to Arms Brewing Company)


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This week’s featured artist is [Andrew Geppelt](http://www.geppelt.com). The awesome story of how we came to connect with him is through our bi-annual [#16ozDoodleorDie](https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/16ozdoodleordie/) with Mr. Robby Davis. His drawings and creativity blew me away from the start and I started following along with his creative instantly.

As with many of the artists that we follow (tag who else we should follow below), our hope is for them to one day do a label or something connected to beer. I’ve stretched and we do reach on some of these - awesome I know. When we came to learn that the was doing labels for Call to Arms it was a no brainer and we connected to be a part of this season.

A great perspective and discussion about his journey and life and I think it will resonate with all of you. He is a hard working creative who brings to life powerful imagery with such detail that has really resonated with me. Learn how he rode his bike and setup his remote office in their taproom until they brought him on board and he helped them expanded to cans. It wasn’t a sit in but a good anecdote and inspiration for how to bring on new clients. Get that bike out of the garage my creative friends.

Our discussion is all over the spectrum but controlled and fluid, which are some of the best episodes where time flies and could become a 2 or three part series. And on top of that he is using his powers for good and some of these interpretations are calls for social justice and police reform and they have moved me. They are beautiful and powerful. The portrait of Elijah McClain is beautiful while gut wrenching and moving. Thank you my friend for these. They mean a lot to me as we discuss on the episode.

Be Safe and Wear a Mask!!

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