Episode 167 - S.Y. Espinal (The Bronx Brewery)


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This week’s featured artist is S.Y. Espinal. We came to learn of her creativity and calling through the label collaboration with Bronx Brewery. When breweries promote and celebrate art and people it creates a positive experience that resonates with me and makes me want to learn more about all parties. We caught SYE on an IG Live with the brewery and knew that she would make a great guest. The episode is a great honest reflection of self and how we live our lives. We don’t have all the answers and putting ourselves out there as artists can be a lot for many. Her story is inspiring, honest and real. This project is really a catalyst to promote and support amazing humans from all around the world and tell their story. Each guest controls the narrative and allows it to go in a multitude of directions, so when someone like SYE opens themselves up as she does with her story and her art it is an opportunity to have a shared experience and perspective. With pride, she has built a community of folks who support each other and have added an additional layer to her message. Doing what’s right and being a good person is part of the universe that she is sharing with all of us. Her passion and fight is strong. It includes compiling a list of black-owned restaurants and industry location in the 5 Boroughs (over 250+) to support as a dynamic living public document is just one example. I felt an energy and don’t take the connections and perspective for granted. In a time that can be so draining and taxing on all of us (myself at times x 100), it is great and welcome to have genuine connections with strangers and share a moment. Almost all of the guests on the podcast are people I have never spoken to in person. Each interaction other than a short warm-up and a few emails is a shared moment of sharing, listening and learning. I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

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