Episode 171 - Jeremy Backer (Ex Novo Brewing Co.)


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This week’s featured artist is the talented Jeremy Backer. We came to learn of JB through the work that he has done for Ex Novo Brewing Co. and his unique textile like patterns that are vivid, creative and seamlessly unique. His love of music to snowboarding scratched an itch that had but he never thought that anyone made the things that he loved and was part of his story. He explored his options working different gigs in breweries and cooking and ended up going back to school and diving head first into design and beer. When you look at his site and his clients, he brings together all of his loves and brings their business and brands to life. How he ended up working with Ex Novo is a great story of seeing a good thing despite initially trading beer for design work and almost six years later he is still with them. A great feel good story and appreciation for life, design and beer. I’ve been a fan of his work for some time and am excited to share this with everyone. Be safe. Wear a mask.

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