Episode 174 - BEEB (Smittox Brewing Co.)


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This week’s featured artist is BEEB. We came to learn of his work through the labels he has created for up and coming DTW Brewery, Smittox Brewing Co. The initial goal was for @habibeaux to be featured on Season 11 but things worked out great for us to connect now and hear what he has been up to during that time. A creative in all aspects of his life and family. Music, art, design, beer, life and even fonts are a part of the conversation. A man who continues to evolve and challenge himself while building on his previous experiences and collaboration. @gpubco is a great example of that, a consortium that brings together and supports artists with a mix hip hop funk and soul. It’s a joy to see the passion and appreciation for his hustle as well as those in his universe and who have impacted his journey. Check out this episode and make sure to support Beeb and the Guerrilla Publishing Company. That website is a thing of beauty too.

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