Episode 175 - Kent Ambler (Blackberry Farm Brewery)


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Going way back with this one. Kent Ambler was a planned guest for Season 6 so we are very excited that we were able to connect with him from his home in Greenville, SC to close the circle and celebrate his unique story and passion. We came to learn of him and his work through a few one off labels he created for Blackberry Farm Brewery and have been following his adventures and creativity for the last couple of years. His story is one of hard work and finding his calling to his craft of wood carving in class and falling in love with it and being really good at it from the start. We talk about how he got his work into galleries, the internet before it was useful and where his everything will kill you series originated. It is a celebration of a career and passion that is inspiring and beautiful to hear. I also learned that woodcutting and this labor of love is the secret to capitalism and getting rich. As we enter the holiday weekend please take a moment to recognize all of those people in your life that you are thankful for and let them know. Everyone of you that has liked a post, sent a message or listened to the podcast has made me a better human and grateful for this community. The idea of this project was born around this time four years ago and here we are with some amazing guests, friends and events that have allowed us to celebrate hard work, creativity and being true to your self. THANK YOU ALL.

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