Episode 176 - Melissa Jones (Beauty of the Beer)


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This week’s featured artist is photographer and all around good human, Melissa Jones. She is the eye and vision behind 'Beauty of the Beer' one of the great perspectives and celebrations of beer and the experience that brings us all together. I met her a few years back and am glad to call her a friend. I have long been a fan of her work and the moments she captures with it. Her photos allows you to feel like you are there in the moment without telling you the story and allow you to escape and wonder what your adventure would be in that moment. We need those moments or escapes now more than ever and if you haven’t had a chance to follow along with her adventures and stories you are in for an experience. Melissa has a way to record an experience and moment without you ever knowing she took the photo. Then when she shares her photos you hope that she captured you in a candid moment or flipping off the camera with her hand model @barrelagedbeerd This is our last episode of 2020 as we prepare for a special Season 16 and is a perfect way to end the crazy year. Lets enjoy the time we have together despite it not being how we remember it. This is a unique chapter in the story but one that we will discuss, laugh and even cry about at times. Melissa’s photos and stories allow us to remember the laughs and smiles of the past with fondness as we plot and scheme for that first ‘normal’ gathering with friends sharing the beauty of beer together.

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