Episode 182 - Matthew Ryan Sharp (Arrowhead Ales Brewing Co.)


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Mr. Matthew Ryan Sharp is good people. We connected over hard work and passion a few years back and have stayed in contact and he might even call me his friend. His style and attention to detail amazes me and knowing how focused he is on it all being hand-drawn and aligned with his vision makes them even more impressive. I had the pleasure of hanging in Cincy at Rhinegeist with him and @warnick back in 2019 which seems like years ago. We ate (one of the best chicken sandwiches!!), drank and laughed. It was magical. A little over a year ago a horrific accident included lightning striking his home and causing it to burn down and lose so much of his work and possessions. Thankfully no one was hurt physically but the rebuilding process is ongoing and something that we talked about in the episode. He’s honest and genuine and a huge supporter of mine. On the surface, you may judge him since he is tattoed from ass to elbow, but please don’t. He’s a kind and genuine soul who loves his family and friends. Enjoy this episode and get to know what my friend is all about. Don’t forget to like and subscribe on Youtube. That’s what all the kids say so I am working that pitch into our commentary.

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