Episode 184 - David Paul Seymour (Burial Beer Co.)


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We catch up with the machine David Paul Seymour who was part of our first 4 pack going all the way back to Episode 2. David’s labels are a key part of the amazing beer and brewery that is Burial - who’s got some of the Skillet Donut for me?! So good. From the beginning this episode has resonated with me because of his story and career path from Accountant to Rock Posters and Labels. He did what he loved and through support of family took his shot and here we are today. It is one of the stories about the journey and passion that has resonated with me since day 1. The man loves music and is doing what he loves on the daily with bands and beer. His project Planet of Doom is getting closer to the finish line and I couldn’t be more excited for him and the team. It is a true example of hard work and creating something literally from nothing. I look forward to Planet Doom Fest in the future. This episodes are a great way to catch up with these individuals who have impacted my life and made me believe in something that wasn’t real and just an idea. The story of DPS is one that I mention a lot when talking with others both on and off the pod and I know it inspires many to go for their passion. Nothing is guaranteed but you also can’t live life full of regrets. Check this episode and all of Season 16 on YouTube. Like subscribe and share or whatever else is possible. Be safe.

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