Nir Eyal: Consumer psychology, product engagement, and being indistractable


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In this episode, Nir Eyal, most known for his book 'Hooked' and 'Indistractable', joins us to discuss some interesting facets of Consumer psychology, product engagement, and ways to keep yourself away from distractions.

Nir talks about:

--> How tech and social media are not necessarily 'addictive.'

--> How shows like 'Social Dilemma' are selling you the wrong narrative, despite knowing the antidote

--> What is a placebo button, and how it helps?

--> The difference between 'being manipulated' vs. being addicted vs. overuse by one's own volition

--> What does Minimum Enjoyable Action (MEA) mean, and how it works?

--> How can you keep yourself from getting distracted, and a lot more...
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