Episode 63| How to Get Out Of Your Own Way: Defeat Your Limiting Beliefs With Paul Ross


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The first thing an accountant should do to get out of their own way is to be aware of their own ineffective behavior. Through experience, Michelle Weinstein has observed how many accountants are getting in their own way because of their limiting beliefs. These toxic thoughts often come through from the unconscious mind and they can be sneaky if you’re not cognizant. Paul Ross, a master of neuro-linguistic programming, joins her in this conversation to explain how you can identify what limiting beliefs you have and overcome them so that you can cease to be the greatest obstacle to your own success. In any battle between your unconscious and conscious mind, the unconscious mind is always going to win. There are three magic words you can use to rewire your unconscious mind: “Up Until Now.” Do you want to learn how to properly use this phrase and break your limiting beliefs? Grab your notepad and pen and tune in!

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